Show-Offs and Their Big Houses

What primarily intrigues me about people who willingly show themselves and their oversized properties off in places like the Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section is…why? I know we are in the age of oversharing, but these are obviously wealthy people, usually with children–just the sorts you’d expect to want privacy. Of course, if they seek to peddle their supposed dream home, that would explain it, but often, as in this Mansion piece from last week from Montana and Idaho, the profiled households say they’re staying. So then I figure someone involved in the property–the architect, the designer, maybe the Realtor–leans on the homeowner to put their prize on parade. But if that’s the case, at least keep yourselves and especially your kids out of it. Not either of these bunches! Sometimes it must just come down to self-promotion, and this can suffer from embarrassing prose and images. The “feminine” Montana manse here is held by a “sprawling boutique” owner from L.A., now “a single mother of four,” who wanted to escape the Tinseltown glitz and dreads the thought that any trailing rich could invite “Louis Vuitton in downtown Whitefish.” As it happens, however, she herself has opened, just there, the “Boudoir Bar Cafe, a coffee shop and gelateria” (shown in two photographs). So maybe I have my why in her case.

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One thought on “Show-Offs and Their Big Houses

  1. You nailed it. I’ve read this article before. Well not this one in particular, but really, there does seem to be a template. So Montana is happening now. Well good for Montana but perhaps not so much for Montanans. Obviously, the boutique owner from L.A. is not your average single mother. And of course, she’s fleeing “Tinseltown glitz” and the demands of her business that probably thrives on it. Oh no, she wouldn’t want to see Louis Vuitton open nearby; no, she’s all about that woodsy, rustic, scenic–“deers popping out of walls and wood everything”–vibe. But, by the way, she has opened her chic café, perfect for brunch! Oh well, bless her, she can’t help herself. Just you wait. She, and the “trailing rich” in her wake will import their taste and their lifestyles to the great outdoors and turn downtown Whitefish into Aspen before you know it.

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