Week’s Feed: Henri Blows, Asian Negation, NYC Crime

This week at Newsfeed – Tim W. Ferguson (timwferguson.com) is a trio of items touching on what the latest big storm (Henri) to hit the East Coast should remind us about living and building on the edge of cruel nature; on the latest disappointments in Covid-wracked Southeast Asia, which are not just economic; and onContinue reading “Week’s Feed: Henri Blows, Asian Negation, NYC Crime”

Housing Boom? Not in Land of Lincoln

You’d think housing prices are rising everywhere in America, the way the current boom is discussed. And that’s nearly true, for lots of reasons: the low interest rates on mortgages; the bidding up of asset prices at a time of loose money; the desire for bigger and more distanced properties in the pandemic, and  theContinue reading “Housing Boom? Not in Land of Lincoln”

At My Feed: Coffee Jolt, Gen-Z Blues, Ozark Immigration, Newsletters

This week’s quartet of mini-commentaries at Newsfeed – Tim W. Ferguson (timwferguson.com) addresses the latest coverage of increases in coffee-bean prices; the costly lives of Millennials and Gen-Z (not just their joes!) and whether parents aren’t helping; the missing politics of an economic look at immigration in the Ozarks, and the popularity of digital “newsletters”Continue reading “At My Feed: Coffee Jolt, Gen-Z Blues, Ozark Immigration, Newsletters”

This Week at Feed: Student Debt, Homeless, Convention Centers

At Newsfeed – Tim W. Ferguson (timwferguson.com) are three new items this week, all on matters of big looming taxpayer obligations: The $1.7 trillion in U.S. post-secondary student debt, the seemingly intractable problem of people from living on America’s urban streets, and the vast convention centers that municipalities erected to try to attract a veryContinue reading “This Week at Feed: Student Debt, Homeless, Convention Centers”

Newsfeed: Gas Hookups, Influencers, Seat Belts, Jakarta

At (Newsfeed – Tim W. Ferguson (timwferguson.com) you’ll find new mini-commentaries on these items from current media: An effort to prevent gas hookups for new construction in Massachusetts, in order to curb fossil-fuel use; a push (again in the Northeast) to further criminalize failure to wear seat belts as road deaths are rising; the risingContinue reading “Newsfeed: Gas Hookups, Influencers, Seat Belts, Jakarta”

4 New Feeds: GMO, China, Unilever, 187

I’m alerting subscribers here to four new items in recent days at my newsfeed. Please go to www. timwferguson.com/news for the bits and pieces. The four items concern a renewed plea for GMO foods, the risks that mainstream global investors face from Xi Jinping’s crackdown on certain Chinese companies, the conundrum that show-off progressive companyContinue reading “4 New Feeds: GMO, China, Unilever, 187”

Kindly check out my newsfeed

I’ve got a new stream of mini-commentaries keyed to items of note from the current press. They aren’t fully developed blog posts so they don’t appear in this feed, but rather at timwferguson.com/news. This added feature is an opportunity to flag articles that I find noteworthy, as well as to communicate more frequently with readersContinue reading “Kindly check out my newsfeed”

That Dreaded Day of Strait Crossing

6/30/2021 The latent threat of hostilities with China over Taiwan has gained currency lately, as continued aggressiveness by the Xi Jinping regime meets up with more uniform (if more measured) rhetorical resistance by the U.S. under the Biden administration. The pinch of a worldwide scarcity of vital semiconductors, and Taiwan’s outsized role in supplying thoseContinue reading “That Dreaded Day of Strait Crossing”

Google It: Knowledge Is Powerful

It began with the news that Google is beta-testing a carousel display for writers at the world’s biggest search site. This is obvious catnip to content-creating freelancers in particular, as we have no default platform for highlighting our recent work, other than our own precious websites. However, my excitement dulled a bit as I discoveredContinue reading “Google It: Knowledge Is Powerful”

‘Brewing a Boycott’: Another Era

6/26/2021 This week saw publication of my review of a new book on the long boycott of Coors Brewing by various activist groups, initiated by organized labor. It’s written by a young leftist academic who acknowledges she grew aware of this history only after a graduate-school instructor flagged a struggle that baby boomers of hisContinue reading “‘Brewing a Boycott’: Another Era”