Fed’s Mary Daly Misses a Labor Component in Price Rises

It fell to me to ask the obligatory question about the strong dollar at this appearance of San Francisco Federal Reserve president Mary C. Daly at the Council on Foreign Relations today, and she gave the obligatory response that the currency’s forex value is not one of the Fed’s mandates. She elaborated a bit inContinue reading “Fed’s Mary Daly Misses a Labor Component in Price Rises”

Argentines Live Off of Mattress Money

Hyperinflation caused by venal government is a commonplace in backward nations, especially those terrorized by war or ruthless rulers. When the affliction approaches in established or “civilized” countries, it can be of special significance to those of us blessed with better experiences. This weekend’s New York Times story from Buenos Aires describes how ordinary businesspeopleContinue reading “Argentines Live Off of Mattress Money”