Yet Another Blockage at West Coast Ports?

After all the shipping/logistics industry has been through over the past two years, it might hope for some relief in the middle months of 2022. But not necessarily–the dockworker cartel represented by the West Coast longshoreman’s union is threatening one of its periodic walkouts, as this Wall Street Journal story flags. With pay already well into the six figures, this is a worker collective well able to use its leverage, and Covid-19 has only underscored that. The Biden Administration is trying various steps to uncork supply-chain blockages (beyond what the highly adaptive private players are implementing), but the ports are now so technologically driven that the old notions of marshaling the Army to move the nation’s goods is a non-starter. (As if a Democrat in today’s White House would try!) So count on cost-push inflation to rise a bit higher still as we get into summer.

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