Now on Screens Nationwide: ‘Navalny’ v. Putinism

Theater showings around the U.S. today and tomorrow of this CNN Films production, “Navalny,” will include discussion with that network’s Clarissa Ward. I hope the international correspondent will press the matter of Russia’s internal dissent network, which once fueled Alexei Navalny’s rise as an opposition figure to Vladimir Putin. The quieting of that movement in the months and years now since Navalny was first poisoned, and then imprisoned, for his social media-driven democracy campaign hangs over this film. But that sad situation–which has worsened since Putin’s war against Ukraine began–was not brought out in the panel discussion that followed the preview showing I attended in New York last week. “Navalny” can still be enjoyed as a remarkable fly-on-the-wall view of this brave showman’s attempt to troll Putin politically–at times it is humorous in showing the Kremlin’s clumsiness even as the protagonist meets up with its deadly force–but ultimately one wonders whether the whole exercise was in vain. Maybe it is has planted a seed for a later revival of opposition, so we can hope that bootleg copies of the documentary make their way widely through Mother Russia’s samizdat.

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